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Meth Testing and Remediating Properties

An Approved and Accredited Provider by the Department of Health Western Australia

Forensic Pathways provides an accredited (Department of Health approved) service for assessing, screening, testing and remediation of properties contaminated with methamphetamine. Our staff have scientific, forensic and legal qualifications setting us apart from the rest of the field. Our staff will attend your property and carry out a thorough visual examination for signs of methamphetamine, use, manufacture and contamination. The Forensic Assessment involves taking samples to determine if contamination is present. Our testing procedure is done in accordance with Australian and International standards. Samples are sent to an independent lab for analysis. If the property is found to be contaminated, we provide you with a comprehensive Remediation Action Plan which outlines the procedures required to effectively remove the methylamphetamine contamination and any other hazards. In accordance with governmental standards remediation requires decontamination to near non detectable levels. Normal commercial cleaning products have proved ineffective therefore we only employ a specific neutralising agent to ensure the property is decontaminated to safe and accepted levels. We utilise the latest cleaning and testing technology to ensure these standards are met.

The remediation (cleaning) process will follow and depending on the site assessment can include

Removal and disposal of all lose waste material

Removal and disposal of all contaminated furniture and window treatments

Removal and disposal of all biohazard material including syringes and other drug paraphernalia

Decontamination treatment of all internal surfaces using specific methamphetamine neutralizing chemicals

Wash and vacuum extract surfaces with standard commercial cleaning reagents

Flush all drains (kitchen, bathroom and outside drains) with chemical neutralisers

Steam clean all soft furnishings including blinds

High pressure clean all paved areas

Soil check for chemical disposal sites

Following the remediation process, the property will be re-tested and samples sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. The laboratory uses state of the art chromatography techniques that are extremely sensitive to very small levels of contaminant. Once the property is deemed to be safe, we will provide a validation report and sign off for re-habitation.

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