Innovation Leaders in Forensics

We focus on the requirements of our clientele, assessing their needs with fingerprinting and meth remediation

Forensic Pathways is leading the path in innovation for forensics and we can conduct a meth lab detection. Armed with extensive experience, our expertise is outstanding and our service professional and efficient. Our Australian location is in Perth with Forensic Pathways Australasia incorporated a decade ago. We focus on the requirements of our clientele, assessing their needs prior to conducting an impartial and independent forensic investigation. Armed with the latest technologies to undertake our work, we utilise techniques and offer a unique range of forensic expertise. We deliver services to organisations in both the public and private sectors and the criminal justice system.

Our team can conduct traditional ink fingerprinting services for a range of requirements including passport and visa applications and renewals, Permanent Residency (PR) applications and Police Clearances to name a few. We can conduct this service for Australian citizens as well as foreign nationals from countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Ireland, the United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada to name several. Due diligence, insurance, fraud, digital and business intelligence services are also several of our specialities not to mention meth lab detection. We can forensically test, clean up and validate properties where methamphetamine has been present and are a company approved by the Department of Health to undertake hazardous work such as meth lab detection and clean up.

Meth Lab Detection: Reliable Forensics

Forensic Pathways is a company which is accredited by the Department of Health to conduct meth lab detection including assessment, screening and testing and our procedure is compliant with Australian and international standards. Our unique expertise includes a team armed with scientific, forensic and legal qualifications so our clientele can be confident in our workmanship. Our procedure commences with a comprehensive visual examination and drawing samples to determine if methamphetamine is present. We may find contamination from use or manufacturing.

Conducting a meth lab detection process involves forensic testing and assessment and if methamphetamine is detected, we will provide a detailed Remediation Action Plan which includes information on how we will carefully remove the contamination. A Remediation and Decontamination clean up follows and we utilise a specific neutralising agent to get the property back to clean from methamphetamine.

The cleaning process involves a number of aspects including removal and disposal of loose waste material, contaminated furniture and we treat the windows. Removal and disposal of all biohazard material including syringes and other related materials form part of the cleaning process. We treat all internal surfaces utilising neutralising chemicals and wash and vacuum extract surfaces. All drains will be flushed including those in the kitchen, bathroom and outdoors, steam clean all soft furnishings including the blinds and high-pressure clean all paved areas. Checking the soil for chemical disposal sites also forms part of our remediation procedure. Finally, Forensic Pathways will conduct a Forensic Validation Test to check the property once again for any residue and remnants of methamphetamine. Our independent laboratory conducts the analysis and we are precise and careful in our work. Once the property is deemed to be meth-free and safe, we can then deliver a validation report and the property is ready and available for habitation once more.

Cases, Case Files and Crime Scenes

There are many services which Forensic Pathways can offer to both the public and private sectors and we pride ourselves on our expertise and delivering exceptional service to our clientele. Some of our services include a thorough and critical review of cases and case files. We will examine case exhibits, check the integrity of the exhibits and examine witness, Police and scientific statements to ensure it is congruent with the forensic evidence.

Our team can also visit and examine crime scenes and reconstruct the events to ensure they align with the evidence, advise on the use of new technologies in forensic science and prepare and deliver full reports as required. With Forensic Pathways, you can be confident in the provision of safe and sustainable forensic evidence and we provide expert advice on forensic evidence types. We are highly-competent and pride ourselves on delivering an efficient and timely service.