Developed with anti-contamination at the forefront of the design

 Forensic Pathways are pleased to announce we have a new and improved carry case for our award-winning, unique and fully transparent crime scene stepping plate kits.

The new cases have been developed with anti-contamination at the forefront of the design. In the UK, strict measures are in place to avoid contaminating the crime scene and jeopardising the integrity of the evidence collected.

Collaborating with the reputable Versapak, the kit is now housed in an all-new easy clean carrying device. The high quality 600D waterproof and easy clean PVC material allows for prompt decontamination allowing it to be redeployed into the field much quicker.

Furthermore, the cases now incorporate improved anti-tampering security; cases now come complete with T-seal locking, meaning when a unique seal is locked to the case, the contents of the kit cannot be accessed without breaking the seal. Once plates have been decontaminated and sealed into the carry case, SOCOs can rest assured that the kit they use at a scene is not contaminated and will not jeopardize the integrity of the evidence.stepping plate kit box

Numbered T2 Seals are provided with each kit purchase and can be purchased separately upon request.

The FSR (Forensic Science Regulator) have outlined anti-contamination policies which cite the use of crime scene stepping plates (see FSR-G-206 Issue 1), making them the ideal tool for anti-contamination.