Video Identification

Automatic Video Identification

What is it?

Videntifier™ Forensic is an automatic service that quickly recognises video material, legal and illegal, on seized computers.

Who is it for?

Videntifier™ Forensic is designed to assist and speed up police investigations while lowering costs and improving working conditions.

How does it work?

Videntifier™ Forensic combines high-end Computer Vision methods with fast data mining technology.

Our Service

Videntifier™ Forensic has four different subscription plans: Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each plan meets the needs of different users, from single specialists to large technical investigation departments.

Access to the Videntifier™ Forensic central database is included in every subscription, that can currently identify about 70,000 hours of video and will grow to 100,000 hours in 2011.

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Videntifier™ Forensic provides police authorities with an automatic and easy-to-use video identification system. A single mouse click is sufficient to automatically scan an entire hard drive for suspicious and illegal video material. With its speed, Videntifier™ Forensic saves investigators precious time, which they can spend on other more challenging tasks, rather than inspecting thousands of video files manually. At the end of each scan Videntifier™ Forensic returns a summary report, listing which videos have been identified.

Works day and night

Videntifier™ Forensic performs its identification based on the actual content of the videos. The service can detect even severely modified or truncated versions of the same video, which easily fool checksum-based systems. The identification process itself is extremely efficient, even for very large video collections. The service can inspects each hour of video within 30 seconds and can run continuously, day and night.

Minimizes manual identification

Currently, the Videntifier™ Forensic database contains more than 6 billion fingerprints from about 70,000 hours of the most popular video material.  As the database grows, the identification rate also increases. Therefore Videntifier™ Forensic is continuously collecting new fingerprints, enabling Videntifier™ Forensic to remember more than 100,000 hours of video by the end of 2011.

Never in history have pictures and videos been more easily accessible than today, allowing people to collect thousands of video and image files. Among them will always be a small portion not yet known by the video database that can not be identified. These videos can then be classified by the investigators in order to reduce the work in future cases.

Get a FREE 1 month trial today by entering Promo Code PATHWAYS.

Getting Started – Videntifier Video Demonstration

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