Mobile/Cell Phone Forensics

Extracting data from Mobile Phones is now common-place, so much so that organisations around the world are now amassing large amounts of data taken from Mobile Phones. Extraction of data from mobile phones is known as mobile phone forensics but Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA) goes beyond simply extracting data.

This extracted data is a ‘gold-mine’ of intelligence and evidence about who knows who, what has happened, what is being discussed and even what may happen in the future.

What Does Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA) Do?

Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA) is mobile phone forensic / analysis  software suitable to analysts who analyse mobile phone data once it has been extracted. It has been developed to improve your work flow and to aid mobile phone forensics, cell phone forensics. Forensic Phone Analyser’s (FPA) mobile phone forensic / analysis software allows you, the forensic analyst, more time to focus on discovering linked exhibits that detail criminal connections.

Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA) has been designed to automatically handle all data extracted from Mobile Phones so that important intelligence can be searched and identified quickly and efficiently. Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA) will handle mobile phone/ cell phone data from a single phone or from thousands of phones quickly, accurately and powerfully. It is the ultimate tool for any mobile phone forensic analyst within the forensic world.

Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA) automatically imports data from:-

All ‘Extraction Software Products’ E.G. XRY or Celldeck
Telecoms Providers Data (Billing Information)
Content of SMS Texts from all Mobile Phones
Call Data from all Mobile Phones
Content of Address Books from all Mobile Phones
Extracted Images from all Mobile Phones
Statistical Data About Use of Mobile Phones


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What Features Does Forensic Phone Analyser Have? What Does it Do With the Data?

  • Converts/cleans the data into a common format
  • Aggregates data from many different sources
  • Cross references Calls, Texts, Address Books
  • Enables the data to be searched & queried

  • Reveals links, associations, relationships within the data
  • Common and/or legitimate numbers can be ignored
  • Enables statistical analysis of the data
  • Enables automated Reporting of results

Fast Search & Analysis of massive data sets….

mobile phone analysis data sets that can be imported in forensic phone analyser


Why not give Clint a call to discuss a demo on +61428583545.

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How Can Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA) Save You Time and Money?

With Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA) you can discover Intelligence & Evidence quickly, heres how…

Telecoms data contains a wealth of information about the criminal community.  It holds the structure and make up of gangs, the key people that bind these relationships together and the individuals that link seemingly separate cases.  But getting at this information requires you to spend a lot of your time preparing data when you should be analysing and interpreting it.  A key principle to solving this problem is data aggregation, bringing all the data together in one place.  The Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA) system does this by using a single database that stores all the data that you have extracted from mobile phones.

The motivation behind the mobile phone forensics software is that by treating telecommunications data as a social network it is possible to discover links between people that aren’t immediately obvious and also gain an insight into the network’s community structure.

  • Trace & Link people
  • Attribute phone numbers to people
  • Attribute Phones & SIM Cards to people
  • Discover social & criminal networks
  • Identify the most important people in networks
  • Identify Phone Call Patterns and Networks

  • Extracted IMAGES and identify their Source (Which Device)
  • Identify SMS Text Messages and Criminal Networks
  • Grouping of Contacts, Phones, SMS Texts
  • Pinpoint  fraudulent Identities
  • Clues about fraudulent Identity – ‘Who’s Who’

It can also do this…

Foensic Phone Analyser (FPA) can identify the same phones used in different cases. It gives you a clear automated visualisation of how these exhibits are linked using different coloured ‘Nodes’.

All your data in one place for easy search, retrieval and analysis.

The search function of Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA) is arguably one of its best features. With all of your mobile phone data aggregated in one place you can discover linked exhibits across several cases and build up intelligence based on who is communicating with who.

You can load all of your mobile phone data into one manageable data source. The example below holds 777 mobile phones/SIM cards.


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This powerful mobile phone forensic and analysis system can be used to analyse a single device or thousands of devices at the same time, giving analysts the power to search for phone numbers, SMS text messages, contacts and images, across all the data, not just case by case.


Bespoke deployments and price models meeting specific needs can be discussed and agreed. Contact Forensic Pathways for details.

Telecommunications Training

  • FPA Training: £800 Per User for 1 Day Course
  • Large Numbers can be trained and the price agreed separately

Extraction Software Training

Can be undertaken by prior agreement and arrangement and is determined by the expertise of the trainees to undergo training.

Court Room Skills & Evidence Presentation Training

Can be undertaken by prior agreement and arrangement and is determined by the expertise of the trainees to undergo training.

All Prices are exclusive of VAT

You can also take a look at some of the research articles written by Dr. Richard Leary who is a respected and well known figure within the forensic and police service industry.

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  • FPA Testimonial

    "In my role as a digital forensic investigator, I recently had to deal with an urgent criminal case involving 5 mobile phone handsets and associated SIM cards. I had a very short space of time to analyse the data retrieved and prove the relationship and communication patterns between all the devices. FPA saved me countless hours of painstaking work by its ability to quickly display records of communications, which were not immediately apparent by regular examination. I am really impressed with FPA and wouldn’t be without it now. It certainly saves a lot of time in more complex cases involving multiple devices."

    David Benford
    Blackstage Forensics Limited