Theft Detection

Forensic Pathways offers a range of Theft Detection Kits and Theft Detection Equipment used to trap sneak thieves. This range of forensic equipment and products includes visible and invisible thief detection powders and pastes, invisible metal and coin lacquer, and invisible fluorescent crayons and pens for item identification and thief detection purposes. We also offer UV lamps and protective eyewear for crime scene and forensic laboratory use, Admission and Re-admission Control Systems, along with the standard range of Theft Detection Kits.

These products are routinely used by forensic investigators, scene of crime investigators, banks and retail outlets in the investigation and prevention of theft and fraud.

Protect your property, protect your people and your clients with our full range of Theft Prevention and Theft Detection Kits.

Catalogue Includes:

Visible thief detection powders and pastes ¦ visible thief detection kits ¦ Invisible thief detection powders nad pastes ¦ Invisible thief detection spray ¦ Invisible coin and metal lacquer ¦ Invisible thief detection kits ¦ Invisible crayons, markers and inks ¦ Admission/Re-admission control system ¦ Ultra violet lamps ¦ UV absorbing protective eyewear ¦ Trace metal detection
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