Personal Protection

Protecting the scene of crime investigator, CSI, as well the crime scene is paramount in any forensic investigation. Personal Protection equipment in the arena of forensic investigation is essential not only from a duty of care to employees, particularly when handling hazardous materials or in an environment where there is a potential for hazardous materials to be found, but also naturally to the prevention of cross contamination at crime scene.

Forensic Pathways provides a complete range of personal protection products including coveralls, shoe and boot covers, face masks, gloves, goggles and respirators, skin protectant, odour inhibiters, ozone air purifiers, biohazard disposable bags, body bags and body bag identification.

Protect yourself, your people, protect the crime scene.

Catalogue Includes:

Personal Protection Kit ¦ Coveralls ¦ Shoe and Boot Covers ¦ Bio Hazard Disposable  Bags ¦ Gloves and Goggles ¦ Odour Inhibiters ¦ Ozone Air Purifiers ¦ Body Bags ¦ Body Bag Indentification
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