Forensic Kits

Forensic Pathways’ forensic kits are designed with efficiency and accuracy in mind, providing a step-by-step approach with individually labelled components to prevent errors in forensic evidence collection thereby helping to preserve valuable evidence in a systematic, auditable way.

We offer forensic investigators and crime scene investigators a range of forensic kits and crime scene kits including DNA Specimen Kits, GSR Evidence Collection Kits, and DWI Specimen Kits, Child Death Investigation Kits. Many of Forensic Pathways kits are designed to be used by non-medical personnel, ie crime scene investigators and forensic investigators, but also to meet the needs of laboratory analysts and forensic analysts.

Forensic Pathways continually looks for new opportunities for forensic products and forensic kits, ensuring that forensic investigators, crime scene investigators always have the opportunity to invest in the very latest forensic equipment and crime scene equipment available on the market.

Catalogue Includes:

Sexual assault evidence collection ¦ DNA specimen collection ¦ Child indentification ¦ Gunshot residue ecidence collection ¦ Probation urine specimen collection ¦ Postmortem specimen collection
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