From fingerprint pads to record cards, ink rollers to cleaning equipment, Forensic Pathways offers the scene of crime investigator everything they could possibly require with regards to fingerprinting equipment. In addition, to support crime scene investigation we also provide a number of portable fingerprinting kits designed for use in the field and these include crime scene investigation Elimination Print Kits, a selection of Master Fingerprint Kits, and Portable Fingerprinting Stations. Forensic Pathways also supplies Post-mortem Printing Kits.

Forensic Pathways focuses on bringing the very latest products to aid scene of crime investigation and ensure that CSI crime scene investigation continues to benefit from the latest techniques forensic science has to offer globally.

Catalogue Includes:

Fingerprinting pads ¦ Inkless fingerprint system ¦ Ink, slabs and rollers ¦ Ink cleaners and removers ¦ Fingerprint magnifiers ¦ Cardholders ¦ Fingerprint elimination ¦ Portable fingerprint kits ¦ Fingerprint stations ¦ Post-mortem fingerprinting
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