Evidence Collection

Preserving forensic evidence and preserving the chain of evidence is vital to any forensic investigator or crime scene investigator in order to ensure the success of an investigation and to avoid unnecessary challenges in court.

Forensic Pathways offer an extensive range of specialist tools for bagging, tagging and recording forensic evidence, including self-sealing tamper evidence bags, paper evidence bags and envelopes, Polyethylene evidence bags and heat sealers, ziplock evidence bags, plastic jars, metal containers, boxes and cartons, nylon arson evidence bags, weapons collection boxes and storage boxes, syringe tubes, Bag It and Tag it Kits, Swab Drying Cabinets, Evidence Drying Cabinets, Evidence and Security tapes and seals, Biohazard Labels and Tapes, Evidence and Chain of Custody Labels and Tags, On-Spot Evidence Documenting System, Crime Scene Sketch Kits and Templates, Distance Measuring Devices, Barrier Tapes, Crime Scene Photo Markers, Indicators, and Cones, Photographic Scales, Evidence Markers, Scalpels, Tweezers, Hemostats, and Scribers, Trace Evidence Collection, and Presumptive Blood Identification

Forensic Pathways also offers a high specification range of Forensic Evidence Collection Kits, including Master Crime Scene Kit Cases and a Master Evidence Collection Kit.

Forensic Pathways globally unique transparent anti-contamination Stepping Plate (Tread Plate) can also be found within Forensic Pathways Evidence Collection section. Ensuring that crime scene investigators and forensic investigators can walk and work within a crime scene without contaminating the scene. Forensic Pathways’ Stepping Plates provide a pathway through the crime scene. Transparent Stepping Plates/Tread Plates can only be purchased through Forensic Pathways directly or through an approved Forensic Pathways supplier. This product is unique globally and unique to Forensic Pathways.

Forensic Pathways focuses on bringing the very latest products to aid scene of crime investigation and ensure that csi crime scene investigation continues to benefit from the latest techniques forensic science has to offer globally.

Catalogue Includes:

Self-sealing polyethylene evidence bags ¦ Paper evidence bags and envelopes ¦ Polyethelene evidence bags and heat sealers ¦ Ziplock evidence bags ¦ Plastic jars, metal containers boxes and cartons ¦ Nylon arson evidence bags ¦ Weapons collection and storage boxes ¦Syringe tubes ¦ Evidence collection “Bag it and Tag it” kit ¦ Swabs ¦ Evidence drying cabinets ¦ Evidence and security tapes and seals ¦ Biohazard labels and tapes ¦ Evidence and chain of custody labels and tags ¦ On spot evidence documenting system ¦ Crime scene sketch kits and templates ¦ Distance measuring devices ¦ Barrier tapes ¦ Crime scene photo markers, indicators and cones ¦ Photographic scales ¦ Evidence markers ¦ Scalpels, tweezers, hemostats and scribers ¦ Trace evidence collection ¦ Presumptive blood identification kits ¦ Crime scene kit cases ¦ Forensic stepping plates ¦ Stepping plate accessories ¦ Stepping plate kits

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