Evidence Casting

Forensic Pathways series of evidence casting kits and supplies ensure that all forensic investigators and scene of crime officers have the latest technologies available to them to ensure they optimise forensic evidence, providing invaluable information to assist in identifying suspects via shoe, tyre, or tool mark impressions.

All Evidence Casting Kits are supplied with detailed instruction sheets which ensuring that the the forensic investigator or scene of crime officer is able to efficiently and with ease follow the correct casting procedure.

Whether its evidence casting for tyre marks, tool marks or footwear impressions, Forensic Pathways has the complete solutions for your evidence casting needs.

Catalogue Includes:

Casting Materials ¦ Mixing Containers ¦ Kit-in-a-bag ¦ Impression Hardners ¦ Casting Release Spray ¦ Casting Frames ¦ Plaster Casting Kits ¦ Dental Shoe Casting Kit ¦ Liquid Silicone Casting Kits ¦ Mikrosil Casting Puty Kit

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