Forensic Pathways Product (FPP)

Forensic Pathways’ product range covers the full spectrum of forensic disciplines including crimes scene investigation kits, evidence collection kits, theft detection kits, evidence casting, fingerprint kits, drug testing kits, urine testing, personal protection coveralls, gloves, protective masks, through to the world’s first transparent forensic anti-contamination stepping plates/tread plates.

Our clients range from forensic investigators, scenes of crimes officers, crime scene investigators (CSI), drugs units, computer forensics investigators, financial fraud investigators, fingerprint specialists, universities, television companies, through to banks, the Home Office and Local Authorities.

Evidence Casting
Whether its evidence casting for tyre marks, tool marks or footwear impressions, Forensic Pathways has the complete solutions for your needs to assist in identifying suspects via shoe, tyre, or tool mark impressions.

From fingerprint pads to record cards, ink rollers to cleaning equipment, Forensic Pathways offers the scene of crime investigator everything they could possibly require with regards to fingerprinting equipment.

Latent Print Collection
Forensic Pathways’ range includes fluorescent and magnetic powders, as well as print collection equipment such as sifting jars, dusters, misters, brushes and a variety of hinged print lifters.

Theft Detection
This range includes visible and invisible thief detection powders and pastes, invisible metal and coin lacquer, and invisible fluorescent crayons and pens for item identification and thief detection purposes.

Evidence Collection
Forensic Pathways’ offer an extensive range of specialist tools for bagging, tagging and recording forensic evidence, including self-sealing tamper evidence bags, paper evidence bags and much more.

Forensic Kits
A range of forensic kits and crime scene kits including DNA Specimen Kits, GSR Evidence Collection Kits, DWI Specimen Kits and Child Death Investigation Kits are available at Forensic Pathways.

Personal Protection
Forensic Pathways provides a complete range of personal protection products including coveralls, shoe and boot covers, face masks, gloves, goggles and respirators, skin protectant, body bags and much more.

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