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Forensic Phone Analyser

Mobile phone analysisForensic Phone Analyser is suitable for those who analyse mobile phone data once it has been extracted. With this complete software package users can automate the visualisation process and increase their proficiency. This package utilises computer technology to produce complex links to display the relationship of contacts stored within the mobile phones memory.

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Forensic Data Recovery

We work with leading lawyers, large & small companies, investigators, forensic scientists & private individuals examining computers, phones, networks & other devices. We use cutting edge techniques to recover this data and present it forensically for a range of purposes.

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Forensic Stepping Plates

Our innovative range of Stepping Plates maximises the opportunity to preserve and collect evidence because they are transparent and lightweight. They create a pathway through the scene thereby ensuring a methodical, clinical approach to the preservation and gathering of trace evidence.

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Forensic Surface Testing

Forensic Surface Testing is aimed at countries with a high level of illicit drug manufacturing and usage within the rental property market. Regular testing can help to deter drug activity in your property or workplace. Testing can be conducted by one of our trained technicians or kits can be purchased at our online shop. Testing can be pro-active and increase the credibility and reputation of your area, property, workplace or school.

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Forensic Image Analyser

Forensic Image Analyser is a service that has been developed for departments who deal with illegal/confiscated imagery recovered from digital storage devices. It has the power to identify digital photographs that were taken by the same device by matching their digital signature. FIA also produces a report for the court room detailing how the images are linked.

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Videntifier™ Forensic is an automatic service that quickly recognises video material, legal and illegal, on seized computers. It is designed to assist and speed up police investigations while lowering costs and improving working conditions.

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Forensic Pathways Product

At Forensic Pathways we have an extensive range of crime scene products including finger printing, drug testing, theft detection, evidence casting, personal protection, evidence collection and the award winning stepping plates. To improve usability Forensic Pathways are also increasing the ways that you can purchase crime scene products by making the stepping plates and presumptive drug testing available to buy online.

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Forensic Business Services

The business world is now driven by the speed of communication, the quality and depth of information and the uses that it can be put to in a competitive environment. Forensic Pathways uses technology and expertise to deliver a range of services to help businesses make better decisions and respond quicker to opportunities and threats and to gain knowledge about key factors affecting their business and enterprise.

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