Forensic Consultancy and Case Review

Forensic Pathways can provide an unrivalled and unique source of forensic science expertise to organisations across the criminal justice system.Due to our range and calibre of expertise and true focus on our customer’s needs we can offer an impartial and independent consultancy service.

Our team of consultants have all worked for either major forensic science providers or Police services worldwide and therefore have a thorough understanding of both the prosecution and defence side of a criminal case. The level of expertise means that Forensic Pathways can help to ensure the provision of safe and sustainable forensic science evidence in court.

Our consultants will provide expert advice across a wide range of both criminal and civil cases involving the full spectrum of forensic evidence types, including some very specialised areas.

Some of the services that we offer at Forensic Pathways Include:

  • A thorough and critical review of cases and case files:
    • Assess the interpretation of the exhibits examined and any ensuing scientific tests within the context of the circumstances of both the event and subsequent investigation
    • Examine the integrity and continuity of exhibits and check for the likelihood of any potential contamination
    • Examine the adherence to specified quality systems both within the laboratory and at the crime scene.
    • Examine witness, police and scientific statements to ensure there is continuity with the forensic evidence Review the entire end to end process of a criminal case
  • Visit and examine crime scenes
  • Re-construct the events of a crime to ensure the evidence is relevant and “makes sense”
  • Critique original results and more importantly the interpretation of these results
  • Provide new avenues for scientific investigation
  • Advise on the use of new forensic science technologies
  • Brief barristers, lawyers, CPS, defence/prosecution legal teams, etc.
  • Prepare full reports, as specified by the client
  • Prepare Court-going statements

For more information on this service please contact our Managing Director, Clint Hampson in our Australian offices We look forward to hearing from you.

Investigtion Services

Forensic Pathways offers clients an opportunity to work with a team that not only has fantastic skills and extensive experience, but is also vibrant, dynamic and thoroughly committed to delivering on promises.

Cold Case Reviews and Miscarriages of Justice

Our experts routinely engage in the review of cold cases and potential miscarriages of justice.

For the past 8 years we have been working on a fresh bid to overturn yet another contentious WA murder conviction. A petition lodged to the Attorney General is based on claims police planted evidence while investigating the horrific killing of a pregnant teacher’s aide in Boddington in 2007.

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Due Diligence Service

We carry out due diligence to mitigate the risk of partnering with an individual or business whose existing or previous activities or relationships may cause legal, regulatory, reputational or financial damage. Our Due Diligence activities include:

  • Identifying the ultimate beneficial owner of a business by tracing corporate structures through various international country registers;
  • identifying where nominee shareholders or offshore havens are being used to conceal ultimate owners;
  • exploring open sources for any relevant trading articles, negative news, litigation or court judgements concerning the individual / business;
  • examining the previous/other business interests of key stakeholders including shareholders and directors in order to assess their commercial history and identify any conflicts or risks;
  • analyzing annual accounts and corporate reports;
  • monitoring for any future changes in corporate structure or ownership or any key changes at the board level;
  • monitoring the future financial risk of the individual / business by identifying CCJs, winding-up petitions, writs etc;
  • monitoring for any future negative news.
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Forensic Laboratory Consultancy

The construction of a forensic laboratory is a complex and time-consuming process. There are a number of planning and design considerations that can affect the success of the design project. A forensic approach to the design and construction of the laboratory is critical. Forensic Pathways assists Police Forces and governments with the development of a needs assessment and design program in line with IS017025 standards. As a company we consider the existing labs capabilities, number of samples being processed, laboratory floor (space) and budgets/costs.

Forensic Pathways has knowledge and experience in a variety of forensic disciplines, including forensic ballistic, DNA, mobile phone forensics, computer forensics, fingerprinting, explosives, crime scene and drugs testing. Dr. Clint Hampson (Forensic Pathways) leads the forensic laboratory design consultancy service. Dr. Hampson and with the support of his expert team has a vast amount of experience designing, delivering and constructing forensic laboratories from the ground up.

Forensic laboratory consultancy includes:

  • Scoping the facility to ensure the laboratory meets the set requirements
  • Designing the laboratory floor space and making recommendations in line with international standards and/or ISO17025
  • Recommend forensic technologies, equipment and consumables.
  • Technology validation, testing and installation
  • Training
  • Development of standard operating procedures to prevent cross contamination, for example.
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