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    Videntifier Forensic Automatic video recognition software that will save you time and money. Videntifier recognises video material on seized storage devices.... more »
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    Forenisc Image Analyser Forensic Image Analyser (FIA) has been developed to tell you which device was used to create an image(s).... more »
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    Forensic Stepping Plate Create a pathway through the scene ensuring a methodical, clinical approach to the preservation and gathering of trace evidence.... more »
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    Mobile Phone Forensics Forensic Phone Analyser is an intelligence tool for working with telecommunications data in the form of social networks.... more »

Forensic Products, Services and Solutions

Forensic Pathways provides an unrivalled and unique source of forensic science expertise to organisations across the criminal justice system. We utilise specific investigative techniques and the latest mapping software to manage complex criminal cases critiquing all forensic disciplines including DNA, Blood Pattern Analysis, Crash Investigation, Ballistics, Pathology and more.

Forensic Pathways also offers unique data analysis solutions in the area of mobile phone forensics, criminal intelligence, and video and image forensics. We also produce and distribute a wide range of crime scene products and criminal intelligence software for law enforcement and other private and government agencies.

FPL’s ability to innovate and bring cutting edge technologies to its clients has assured its place as a lead in the forensic and criminal intelligence market.

Our Products and Services

Forensic Consultancy Service

Forensic Pathways can provide an unrivalled and unique source of forensic science expertise to organisations across the criminal justice system. Due to our range and calibre of expertise and true focus on our customer’s needs we can offer an impartial and independent consultancy service.

Forensic Phone Analyser

Forensic Phone Analyser (FPA) has been developed to improve workflow for forensic analysts and to aid mobile & cell phone forensics. Forensic Phone Analyser’s criminal investigation software allows analysts more time to focus on discovering linked exhibits that detail criminal connections.

Forensic Image Analyser

If you have recovered a set of images and want to know if a suspect device took them, then Forensic Image Analyser (FIA) can help you. If you have a large group of images but NO SUSPECT DEVICE the technology can classify the images into groups and tell you which were taken by the same device.

Forensic Pathways Product

Forensic Pathways’ product range covers the full spectrum of forensic disciplines including crimes scene investigation kits, evidence collection kits, theft detection kits, evidence casting, fingerprint kits, drug testing kits, through to the world’s first transparent forensic anti-contamination stepping plates/tread plates.


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Our Partners

Videntifier™ Forensic provides police authorities with an automatic and easy-to-use video identification system. A single mouse click is sufficient to automatically scan an entire hard drive for suspicious and illegal video material. With its speed, Videntifier™ Forensic saves investigators precious time, which they can spend on other more challenging tasks, rather than inspecting thousands of video files manually.

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